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Specializes in:
- Sequential Comic Book Art - Comic Strip Art
- Traditional Art
- Digital Art
- Illustrations
- Portraits
- Storyboards
- Writing

Published Works

Print & Digital Issues of Perfect Agent (UpDown Studio)

Jesus Hates Zombies:Those Slack Jaw Blues (Alterna Comics) Buy

The Original Nutty Funsters: A List Of Grievances (Free Lunch Comics) Buy

(I have a few print copies in case you're interested in seeing what I worked on for 5 years.)
Only In Whispers #1 (Free Lunch Comics) Buy

When It Comes To Spooning, I'm A Fork (Author Marc L. Prey)Buy

Album art for "Mentally Ill-Matic", (Comedian John F. O'Donnell (No relation!)

So Here's The Deal Comic Page Rate: $30 for b/w, color is negotiable
Illustrations/Portraits: $25 (b/w & gray) $35 (color, specify medium)
Sketch Cards: $15 b/w, $20 for color
Anything else is reasonably negotiable.

Half the money up front. Deadbeats can shove off. Accepting PayPal ONLY at this time.

E-Mail: breakfastangst (at) gmail (dot) com
Subject: Hi, I'd like to commission you.

Let me know who/what referred you.

**Don't hound me, don't stalk me, don't promise money you can't give me.**